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Use the form below to Search Us for documents within our web site that contain specific words or combinations of words.  Best matches will be shown first.  An explanation is provided below to assist you in forming your queries.  You may also use our Table of Contents to aide in locating content within our web site.  If you are looking for information on specific products, please utilize the search mechanism found within our Online Store area.

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The text search engine allows queries to be formed using the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses.  Examples are provided next:

product  service
finds documents containing 'product' or 'service'.

product  or  service
same as above.

product  and  service
finds documents containing both 'product' and 'service'.

product  not  service
finds documents containing 'product' but not 'service'.

(product  not  service)  and  Internet
finds documents containing 'Internet', plus 'product' but not 'service'.

finds documents containing words starting with 'Internet'.

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