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Assad's Bakery was founded in 1989 by Mike and Fred Assad.  Their business began as a vision to supply Cleveland, Ohio with its diverse melting pot of people, the healthiest and highest quality pocket pita bread.Assad's Bakery  Since their humble beginnings, Assad's pita bread has become famous all over the country.  Assad's Bakery sells its pita both wholesale and retail and has also established a retail store at the same location as the bakery.  This has enabled customers to witness, in person, the vast selection of Mediterranean imported foods they have to offer at very affordable prices.

Assad's is much more than a bakery.  It's full line of foods include olive oils, olives, spices, cheeses, pastries, hummus, baba ghanouj and much... much... more.  They also specialize in bringing exotic produce from all over the world.  Catering and hot food is also offered.  Their menu consists of delicacies such as kibbie, spinach pies, meat pies, felafel, grape leaves, hummus, tabbouli and many others.  These specialties are available almost daily.

Indeed Assad's is a very special bakery and store.  What sets it apart from all the rest is its delicious pita bread.  Assad's pita bread is baked fresh every day. It also comes in a most healthy wheat variety.

Mike and Fred are well aware of consumers needs and appreciate that health, quality and affordability are most important.  Assad's always offers just that and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Assad's Bakery

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