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Here's where you will find our most frequently asked questions (FAQ's).  Just click on any question you want to know the answer for.  If you cannot find your answer(s) here, please simply E-Mail us with your question(s).

Answers to General Questions

Assad's, Home of the Perfect Pita!

  1. Are you part of a bakery or grocery chain?
    No.  We are a privately owned company.
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  2. Do you cater?
    Yes.  Catering is available upon request.  Questions about catering and delivery can be sent by E-Mail or you can contact us by phone.
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  3. Do you carry any imported products?
    Yes.  We carry a full line of imported foods, imported from Italy, Turkey, Greece, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Spain and etc.
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  4. Where do you bake your pita bread?
    We bake our pita right on our premises.
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  5. Does your bread come in different varieties?
    Yes.  Our breads come in 4 sizes and 2 varieties.  The varieties are wheat and white and their sizes are regular, thin, thick and small.
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  6. Is your pita bread baked every day?
    Almost.  Our pita bread is baked fresh everyday but Sunday.
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  7. Do you make fresh pastries and sweets?
    Yes.  We make many varieties of sweets and pastries including baklava, kullage, knafa, and many more.
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  8. Do you serve sandwiches at the bakery?
    Yes.  We serve a full line of Middle Eastern sandwiches including Shawarma, falafel, shish kabobs and many many more.  We also make fresh hummos, baba and tabouli to name a few.
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  9. Do you sell hookas and its accessories?
    Yes.  We have a great selection of hooka pipes including commercial grade. We also have many accessories.
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  10. Do you accept phone-in orders?
    Yes.  We accept phone-in orders from anywhere in the continental United States.  If you are local, you may phone in your order and we'll have it ready and waiting for your pick-up.
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  11. Are you open on the holidays?
    Yes.  We open 365 days a year.
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  12. What are your store hours?
    Our store hours are 9:00 AM EST to 9:00 PM EST, Monday through Saturday and
    9:00 AM EST to 8:00 PM EST on Sunday.
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